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Fabrication & Trench Butt Welding Machines

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PEXMART CC is a South African based Company that provides an impeccable thus cost effective service to a National and International market. As leaders in the industry we tailor our services to meet your needs. Whether it is a small welding solution or a major industrial contract, PEXMART will utilize all possible resources to ensure a quick and effective result.

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HDPE Manhole Overview

HDPE manholes is designed to overcome corrosion and abrasion in waste water systems. The corrosion resistance, toughness and leak-free of HDPE manholes make it the natural choice for manholes in sanitary systems. Advantages of HDPE manholes: Lightweight...

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What is HDPE?

HDPE is short for High Density Polyethylene. HDPE can be pigmented or unpigmented, that means it comes in assorted colors. HDPE is known for its large strength-to-density ratio. HDPE pipe is preferred by pyrotechnics trades for mortars over PVC or steel, being more...

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