Pexmart HDPE manufactures micro ducting of the highest quality.

  • 110mm Corrugated HDPE pipe with coupling and rubber seals
  • HDPE PEXOPTEX orange pipe 32mm,40mm and 50mm
  • PEXMICRO DUCT = 8/5, 12/10, 14/10 ducting in 1 Way, 2 Way, 4 Way, 7 Way and 12 Way

HDPE Micro ducting is know for its 1-way to 7-way hexagon and round piping

Pexmicro Duct Features
  • Designed for slots and micro-trenches
  • Simple line of connectivity products
  • Robust, highly resistant to crushing
  • Nominal sheath thickness is 1.0mm
Pexmicro Duct Benefits
  • Requires less technical skills and time in the field to make connections
  • Ducts are future proof
  • Can be used in any environment
  • Hydro transport systems – Cement / clinker, Coal, sand slurry & other abrasive slurries like iron ore, Fly ash conveyance, etc
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems & Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Handles edible oils, fruit juices & pulps , Milk and other Food Materials
  • For Air Conditioning & Ducting
  • Sewer, storm & Sanitary Pipelines


  • The corrosion resistance of polyethylene and its hardiness make it a natural choice for manholes.
  • Polyethylene manholes remain leak-free because there is no chemical attack.
  • There is no infiltration of external ground water, reducing the amount of treatment required.
  • There is no exfiltration of sewage to the environment


  • Lightweight polyethylene manholes are easy to install.
  • Inlets and outlets are correctly positioned during the manufacturing process. These inlets and outlets are factory welded into place to be leak-free.
  • HDPE can bend and flex with various loading conditions. This toughness means fewer potential leaks and longer life.
  • Good sub surface HDPE drainage systems are designed in terms of layout, depth and spacing of the drains.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Agricultural
  • Mining
  • Domestic applications


HDPE has low notch sensitivity, providing a high level of resistance to the effects of external damage, especially important for pipe bursting operations.



HDPE pipes have excellent abrasion resistance providing long life in abrasive slurry applications. In most of these applications HDPE pipe outlasts other pipe materials such as mild steel and rubber lined steel.



HDPE pipes are flexible and can be bent to a minimum bending radius of 30 times the pipes outside diameter. This flexibility is critical in applications such as submarine pipe lines, mine subsidence and earthquake prone areas. This inherent resiliency and flexibility allow the pipe to absorb surge pressures, vibration and stresses caused by soil movement.



There are several jointing methods available for HDPE pipe systems. The extensive fittings range available provide design flexibility with HDPE pipe systems.